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【手机app下载】詹姆斯顺风顺水的五大原因! 克星全都陨落?
名称:【手机app下载】詹姆斯顺风顺水的五大原因! 克星全都陨落?



   Beijing time on October 4, this year's NBA Finals showed a one-sided situation, the Lakers in the first two games have won by double-digit advantages, the outside world is basically optimistic that they can win the championship this season. For LeBron James, this may be the easiest Finals in his career. The American media also analyzed five major reasons for this.


   5. The pressure of the empty field is small, and there is no home and away games.


   Many people are very challenging to win the Orlando "bubble" stadium, because after entering the park, the players have to say goodbye to their relatives for a period of time, which also requires them to make a lot of sacrifice. But on the other hand, the good thing for the players is that in the weather like Florida, everyone can focus on training a lot.


   time, without being disturbed by the fans, and also saving the journey by plane and train. LeBron James is an extremely self-disciplined player. In this environment, he will adjust his mentality and put the time he spent on the road in training to make adequate preparations for the game.


  4, Howard & Rondo's veteran experience


   In the playoffs, Rajon Rondo became one of the best players on the Lakers. Relying on championship experience and super-high basketball quotient, he is already the third star on the team. Rondo's contribution to the team can share a lot of pressure for James.

在季后赛中,拉隆·隆多(Rajon Rondo)成为湖人队最佳球员之一。依靠冠军经验和超高的篮球商,他已经是球队的第三颗星。隆多对球队的贡献可以给詹姆斯带来很大的压力。

   And Howard's recent performance is equally amazing. His defense, rebound protection, and experience in the Finals are all vital to the Lakers. Now Howard has gained Vogel's trust and can start with thick eyebrows. He once defeated James' team in the playoffs, and now joining James's team has eased his physical burden during the finals journey.


  3, the Clippers unexpectedly left early


   The Los Angeles Derby has always been the playoff matchup that everyone was looking forward to, but the Clippers were reversed by the Nuggets in the semifinals and left early. You must know that the Clippers have two superstars, Kawai Leonard and Paul George, who can cause problems for James on the defensive end. At the same time, Harrell and Zubac's repeated impact will also form a confrontation with Davis, and the thick eyebrows will feel uncomfortable under their defense. Except for the Clippers, no other team can put too much pressure on the Lakers. The Blazers and Rockets have obvious shortcomings in the lineup, and the Nuggets have already played two rounds of tiebreakers before they played against the Lakers.

洛杉矶德比一直以来都是所有人都期待的季后赛对决,但是快船在半决赛中被掘金推倒,提早离开。您必须知道快船队有两位超级巨星,卡瓦·伦纳德(Kawai Leonard)和保罗·乔治(Paul George),他们可能在防守端给詹姆斯带来麻烦。同时,哈雷尔(Harrell)和祖巴克(Zubac)的反复冲击也将与戴维斯(David Davis)对抗,浓密的眉毛在他们的防守下会感到不适。除了快船,没有其他球队可以对湖人施加太大压力。开拓者和火箭在阵容上有明显的缺陷,掘金在与湖人队比赛之前已经打了两轮决胜局。

  2, Davis is the best big player in the active league


   Although James had partnered with Wade, Irving, Bosh, and Loew before coming to the Lakers, thick eyebrows may be the best teammate of his career. Davis is a big player with guard skills, with unstoppable skills on both ends of the offense and defense. When thick eyebrows can score efficiently, it means that James does not have to carry a heavy burden.


   1. James’s "Bane" has fallen


   In the previous 9 finals, James won the championship 3 times, of which he lost six times and lost to the Golden State Warriors three times. The Warriors this season is in a rebuilding period, the Splash Brothers are all troubled by injuries, and the team also won the second pick by putting up badly. Although the Eastern Conference Nets recruited Kevin Durant and Irving during the offseason last year, both of them have suffered injuries this season. The Nets at this stage are not enough to put pressure on the Lakers. In addition, the Milwaukee Bucks, who rely too much on Antetokounmpo, were eliminated by the Miami Heat in advance. The finals stage did not form a high-intensity confrontation with James. Naturally, James's finals seemed extremely easy.





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