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亚搏体育客户端:惹争议的不是体测是一刀切 棋手体测已享“优待”
发布时间:2021-10-10 06:09:02

Wang Jian Jiahe broke the Asian record, but the final did not have her share


After winning the women's 1500m freestyle championship, the Hebei girl Zhang Ke had a smile on her face. This smile was calm and expected, but lacked the spirit of struggling to win. 16 minutes 13 seconds 26, this is Zhang Ke's championship result, better than Wang Jian Jiahe

在获得女子1500m自由泳冠军之后,河北姑娘张珂脸上露出了微笑。这种微笑是平静而出乎意料的,但缺乏为胜利而奋斗的精神。 16分13秒26,这是张珂的冠军成绩,胜于王健佳和

The 2020 National Swimming Championships and the Tokyo Olympics Qualifying Tournament, which are being held in Qingdao, have soared a lot of attention amidst doubts and discussions. At the same time, the public's discussion on whether "one size fits all physical measurement" is reasonable has also ushered in an unprecedented wave of heating.


Physical fitness is not up to the standard, the first is in vain


Wang Jian Jiahe swam first in the women's 800m and 1500m freestyle preliminaries, and broke the original Asian record held by him in the latter preliminaries, but she did not have her share in the two finals. Ye Shiwen ranked fourth in the women's 400m individual medley preliminaries, but also failed to make the finals. In addition, Fu Yuanhui, who ranked first in the women’s 100-meter backstroke preliminaries, Yu Hexin, who set a national record in the men’s 50-meter freestyle, and Sun Jiajun, who ranked first in the men’s 100-meter butterfly preliminaries, swam in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke preliminaries. Tan Haiyang, who was the second fastest...They also failed to make it to the final.


In the National Swimming Championships and Tokyo Olympics qualifying competition, after the preliminaries of many events, there will be players who should have made it to the finals without any suspense of their results, but lose their qualifications for the finals due to their low physical rankings. The reason for this special operation is that, in accordance with the requirements of the State General Administration of Sports for strengthening physical fitness, among the top 16 players in the preliminaries of all events in this competition, the top eight athletes with physical performance are selected to enter the final; if the physical performance is the same, the swimming results are followed. The ranking enters the final.


It is precisely because of this special regulation that it has appeared many times in the Qingdao competition this time. "Ordinary students" with good physical fitness squeeze out the "top students" with average physical fitness but better special performance.


Now the controversy has filled the sky. Only four days before the end of the competition, the physical test became a hot search, became a "stalk", and became a topic of "out of the circle" after dinner. However, does the problem lie in the matter of strengthening physical training and testing physical performance? The eyes of the people are discerning, so targeted discussions around "one size fits all" have inherited the heat and continue to ferment.


Is it science to ask a swimmer to challenge a 3000-meter run and run with a performance goal? Phelps has publicly expressed his respect for running, and he may even trip when he walks casually. This is not just a psychological barrier from water to land, but swimmers’ ankles and ligaments are inherently soft due to special training needs. If they have to participate in long-distance training on land, they will not only train hard, but also easily appear. Injury.


In addition, the Chinese flying man Su Bingtian did not appear in the National Track and Field Championships before. In addition to the injury explanation added later, he actually failed the physical test.


Chess player physical test has enjoyed "preferential treatment"


Although letting chess players also participate in physical tests, this is a bit of a laugh, but let alone, it may be enough for other players to envy it just to be treated in a subdivision. According to the reporter's understanding, in addition to a special compliance list for athletes participating in the National Chess League A, in gymnastics and fencing, sports teams have also adjusted the scoring items and scoring weights according to the characteristics of the sports. It's just that on the whole, with more sports teams and more athletes, what they face is still the "physical test paper."


For male athletes participating in the National Chess Division A, the longest running distance they need to challenge is 1,000 meters, while female athletes run 800 meters. Considering that there are many older players in chess, the endurance test for people aged 45 and above has been changed from running to 3000-meter brisk walking, and the strength test has been changed from standing long jump to solid ball throwing. .

对于参加国家象棋A级比赛的男运动员,他们需要挑战的最长跑步距离为1000米,而女运动员则为800米。考虑到国际象棋的年龄较大,对45岁及45岁以上人群的耐力测试已从跑步改为3000米快走,而力量测试已从站立跳远改为实心投掷。 。

In addition, despite the fact that a female horse vaulter was lucky enough to win the fifth place in the country (only five people competed in the final) in the national gymnastics championship that just ended, according to insiders in the gymnastics circle, Sports teams actually have different requirements for individual sports such as rings and vaults that focus on upper or lower limbs, as well as for athletes in all-around events. For example, the physical test for the hoisting ring athletes will focus on upper limb strength, while the special test for the all-around athletes will be more comprehensive.


However, sometimes even if the focus of the physical test has been adjusted, it does not mean that it is a relief for everyone. For example, in the 2019-2020 National Fencing Championships, there are only five physical test items. As the number of items is small, the proportion of individual items is actually heavier. In order to achieve the requirement that the full score is still 100 points, three of these items will be scored by multiples. For example, the 3000-meter run, which is known as the most "devil", scores three times. For those with weak endurance, not good at running, or veterans, this has become a more difficult level virtually.


Physical fitness test, the starting point is to "make up for shortcomings"


There are often such things in life. Obviously, the starting point of doing things is good, but something went wrong in the follow-up implementation process, so that the effect is not satisfactory, and it may even cause some misunderstanding and unpleasantness.


From national teams to many local teams, who have always regarded special performance as the top priority, since when did they begin to pay such high attention to physical training and physical testing? Sorting out the time clues, combined with the opinions of insiders, it is not difficult to find that the key turning point is the "Notice of the General Administration of Sports on Further Strengthening Basic Physical Training and Complementary Physical Ability" issued on February 27 this year. The "Notice" is still on the notice bulletin board on the official website of the State Sports General Administration. If you are interested, you can take a look.


Looking at the full text of the "Notice", it is indeed clearly mentioned that "adhere to the selection criteria of'physical fitness is the ticket for the Tokyo Olympic Games' and continue to strengthen physical training." Among them, physical test scores and compliance standards are also relatively clear. "Determine the basic physical fitness standards for each event. Those who do not meet the standards are not allowed to participate in the Olympic selection. Physical fitness testing is divided into: basic physical fitness test, trunk stability and left and right side strength of upper and lower limbs. Balance test and section physical fitness test. Each of the three tests is 100 points, and the individual test score is not less than 75 points and the total score is not less than 240 points. It is considered that the physical fitness standard is met." At the bottom of the "Notice" page, there is also a "National The link to the scoring standard of the team physical fitness test.

从“通知”的全文来看,确实确实提到“坚持“身体健康是东京奥运会的入场券”的选择标准,并继续加强体育锻炼。”其中,体检成绩和合规标准也比较明确。 “确定每项比赛的基本体能标准。不符合标准的人不得参加奥运会选拔。体能测试分为:基本体能测试,躯干稳定性和鞋帮左右两侧力量平衡测试和断面体能测试,这三项测试每项均为100分,单项得分不低于75分,总分不低于240分,被认为是身体健康。符合标准。”在“通知”页面的底部,还有一个“国家/地区”链接,该链接指向团队身体素质测试的评分标准。

Excluding punctuation marks, the "Notice" contains 2,619 Chinese characters. The reporter did not find out the source of the final list after the preliminaries. But judging from the current situation, the situation similar to the "final list determination" does not occur in isolation in the swimming arena.


In the ongoing 2019-2020 National Fencing Championship Nanjing Station, the competition schedule stated: "In the 16-in-8 competition, no special competition will be held, only physical fitness tests will be conducted, and the ranking will be ranked according to the physical performance. The first 8 players will enter 4 in the individual competition, and the last eight will be ranked according to their physical performance and no special confrontation.” What everyone sees is that the 2019 World Championships women’s epee team champions were blocked. In addition to the quarterfinals, Sun Yiwen and Lin Sheng even stopped as early as the quarterfinals.


And at the National Gymnastics Championships that ended this Monday, there was also a scene that made people laugh. Due to the elimination of a large number of athletes in the physical fitness test, the women's vault finals that were supposed to take part in the eight players only made up five players. Even more embarrassing is that the level of these five athletes is still uneven, and the girl who finally won the fifth place in the country only completed a front flip with a difficulty coefficient of 2.0.


Softball is relatively small in China, so many people may not know that the National Softball Championship is being held in Guizhou. In this field, there is also a situation where physical testing determines the final result. The top four teams in physical test scores can participate in the semi-finals, and the teams ranked fifth to eighth in physical test scores can only fight for fifth to eighth places. For this reason, some team players have joked, "As long as the physical test can be in the top four, the worst is also a bronze medal (this event has two tied for third)."


Zhou Jihong's physical test: basic physical ability and professional sports performance are both important


The General Administration has met to discuss and establish a perfect system


When it comes to physical testing, there are also positive role models, that is, the players of the national table tennis team. This year's National Table Tennis Championships will be held in Weihai from October 1st to 10th. At present, all members of the National Table Tennis Team have passed the pre-match physical test. Different from the recently questioned operations in swimming, fencing, and gymnastics, the practice of the National Table Tennis Championships is to first draw the physical test standard line, and only those who meet the standard can compete. When the game is on the field, the ball will be completely superior.


They all acted in accordance with the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sports on Further Strengthening Basic Physical Training to Replenish Physical Ability", but different implementation models have been derived. How will this follow-up development? It is reported that in response to the concentrated outbreak of the swimming competition, the State Sports General Administration has held a meeting yesterday to discuss matters related to physical testing is the focus of discussion.


After the physical test turmoil, Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, said in an interview that he supported the physical test. "In order for Chinese swimming to reach a higher level in an all-round way, it must be based and specialized. Therefore, the purpose of adding basic physical fitness tests in this national competition is to make up for the shortcomings of Chinese athletes and improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world. "However, while supporting her, she also said that she would conscientiously summarize in order to find a more complete approach. "We will conscientiously summarize the physical training through this competition, and establish a more complete basic physical training and physical competition system that is compatible with and closely integrated with the swimming event."

身体测试混乱之后,中国游泳协会主席周继红在接受采访时说,他支持身体测试。 “要使中国游泳全面达到更高的水平,必须有基础和专业。因此,在本届全国比赛中增加基本体能测试的目的是弥补中国运动员和运动员的缺点。提高中国游泳运动员在世界上的竞争力。“但是,在支持她的同时,她还表示将认真总结,以找到更完整的方法。 “我们将通过这次比赛认真总结体育锻炼,并建立与游泳比赛兼容并紧密结合的更完整的基本体育锻炼和体育比赛系统。”

Zhou Jihong's words were fully put in place, and while meeting the physical demands of contemporary competitive sports, they also left room for subsequent improvement.


In the final analysis, an athlete wants to take off in the international arena. A solid physical foundation and finely polished special skills are his wings. They complement each other to achieve higher achievements. Therefore, while everyone is watching "eating melons", they can actually look forward to the launch of follow-up measures.


What's the origin of the physical test that baffled the famous generals


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